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A bicycle sharing application for Maemo, Meego and Symbian

Cyklop is an application that supports you in using bicycle sharing service. It allows you to find free bikes or stations near you. Currently supports every system handled by Nextbike company including more than 80 cities from Germany, Austria, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, the United Arabian Emirates and New Zealand.


At the moment Cyklop works on following phones:


Nokia N900
You can download app via the Application Manager under the Location & Navigation section if you have the extras-devel repository enabled. Here you can find instructions on how to enable extras-devel on Nokia N900.
Nokia N9
You can download app via OpenRepos repository.
You can download app via AppList repository (recomended) or directly cyklop_belle_0.3.1.sis.



Nokia N900

Nokia N9

Nokia N8 (Symbian)